Property Acquisitions

Looking to sell your home?

We are always seeking new opportunities.

We can close quickly with no delays. In some instances we can pay CASH!

You don’t have to pay any commissions.

When we come to an agreement on a price for the purchase of your property, that is the amount you get.  We don’t charge commissions or any other fees.

You choose the date to close and date to move.

We can provide a cash advance before closing to help with moving expenses like moving truck, first month’s rent, utilities, and damage deposit.

  • Reasons for working with us:
  • No Delays We can close quickly
  • No Commissions No fees
  • No Pressure You’re in control
  • No Judgements We understand life’s challenges
  • Extensive Repairs Our experience can solve any problem
  • Win-Win Philosophy We make sure the numbers work for both parties

We don’t judge you or your situation.

If you are going through tough times, the last thing you want or need is to deal with a mean spirited insulting investor.  We understand the challenges that come in life and we work to solve your problems with empathy, compassion and respect!  We will not judge you.

We have experience dealing with buildings that need lots of repairs.

If you feel overwhelmed by the mess and repairs needed on your property, you don’t need to.  You can stop worrying, knowing we are capable of solving your problem without judgement.

We have a “win-win” business philosophy.

We do business with a win-win style!  When we buy your property, of course there has to be some potential to make a reasonable profit, but we work to make sure the numbers work for you and us.  If you are selling your property and moving into a rental house, we may be able to give you a cash advance from the sale proceeds to help cover your moving expenses, bills and rent.

Property acquisitions that work for you

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